Passages Youth Center is a drug-free, alcohol-free, and hate-free environment. Our primary goal is to provide a space that is a positive environment for youth to be themselves.

We have several policies in effect that help keep Passages a safe place for both youth and volunteers. Any youth breaking any of these rules will be banned from the property, and if necessary, the authorities will be called.

  • Youth must be 14-years-old and older, and under 21-years-old as of the meeting date.
  • All adults (except volunteers, facilitators, or approved guests) are required to sign in and/or make an appointment before said date. If an adult wishes to visit Passages first, please email or call us (816-931-0334) first.
    • Exception: Parents or family members, people seeking to make donations, or people seeking to be volunteers will need to sign in with a facilitator upon arrival.
  • No drugs, alcohol, or weapons allowed on the property. Also, no outside drinks are allowed in.
  • No admittance while intoxicated or otherwise altered by other substances.
    No smoking while indoors. Smoking is allowed in the parking lot and on the driveway. Please respect the property and not litter.
  • Respect Passages Youth Center. Keep the facility clean.
  • Respect others' boundaries.
  • Respect the word "No."
  • No anger or hate allowed.
  • If you become a distraction or danger, you will be asked to leave.
  • No obscene or objectionable language.
  • Do not break any laws.
  • Any youth encouraging other youth to engage in dangerous or illegal activity, or to otherwise break any of these policies while at a Passages-sponsored activity, will be banned from being on the property.
  • (Saturdays) You must check in with the staff as soon as you arrive and present valid student photo ID or state ID. If you do not have an ID, a parent / guardian must come and vouch for your identity.

We maintain a very relaxed atmosphere, however, we also require respect to the youth, the staff, the facility, and the law.

Any youth that are banned are not allowed on the property at any time. They will be asked to leave immediately, and if need be, have the authorities called.