June 2014

Passages -- Looking Back

Passages May -- Passages' 10th Annual Prom at Trinity United Methodist Church was May 17th. Parishioners provided a buffet of incredible food, supporters Craig and Doug re-stocked our pantry and provided helium for all the neon balloons, and the Good Samaritan Project provided onsite testing services. 25+ youth attended the Passages Prom and more than one third were confidentially tested. We always appreciate when you help tell Passages' story to friends and colleagues - espeically the support we receive from the AIDS Service Foundation!

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Board Members
Jason Webb - Accenture, Board Chair
Bob Bair - Sprint
Carl Bennum - Deloitte
Jason Boman - SquaredJ Creative
Don Carrel - author, My Dream to Trample AIDS
Amanda Green - Cerner
Damon Jones - Cerner
Sara Wood - People's Bank

Passages -- Upcoming Events

Passages Wednesday Night 6/11 - with Grinder's Pizza -- Visit Passages this evening for a great night with donated pizza from Grinders. Open to youth ages 14-20.

Passages Wednesday Night 6/18 with the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project - KCAVP will be onsite and Passages volunteers will make a great meal. Learn about healthy relationships, online dating safety, and other great discussion topics.

Passages Wednesday Night 6/25 - Join the Passages' volunteers for a great dinner. Make new friends, access Passages numerous resources, and hang out in the lounge.

Passages Wednesday Night 7/2 with Synergy Services -- Synergy Services brings pizza and presents relevant and timely content. Come have dinner and get engaged.

Passages Wednesday Night 7/9 -- Grinders Pizza -- Open to youth 14-20, parents/guardians welcome. We will have an informal discussion group over dinner so come to Passages, make new friends and hangout in the lounge.

Kevin Moncke of Entercom Talks About Community & Radio
by Andrea Martin

If you listen to the radio in Kansas City, you've probably heard Kevin Moncke's work. He is a senior account executive with Entercom Communications Corp., the radio broadcasting company, and he focuses on 98.9 FM The Rock and 96.5 FM The Buzz. Moncke's been in radio sales in Kansas City since 2006, and he does everything from maintaining current advertising business, to procuring new business, to voice acting in commercials.

And occasionally, he has to run through downtown in his underwear. "That was actually a requirement!" Moncke says, laughing.

The full article can be found online at http://campkc.com/campkc-content.php?Page_ID=2217.

More about Passages
Our Mission is to equip LGBT youth to become aware of and comfortable with their identities, knowledgeable of their health status and risks, and actively involved in the Kansas City community.
- We assist by partnering with community resource centers to lead discussions around coming out to help LGBT youth feel supported.
- We educate LGBT youth on dating safety, healthy relationships, and HIV and STI prevention, by providing materials not available in traditional classrooms.
- We encourage youth to remain healthy through periodic onsite STI screening and one-on-one risk assessments.
- We support LGBT youth by providing a safe, accepting, hate-free environment for them to express themselves.

Vision: A society where all youth feel safe regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression and are empowered to reach their full potential.


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