July 2013

Passages -- Looking Back

Passages June -- In June, Passages submitted a grant application to the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City to help continue our mission of providing health information to LGBT youth in the metro. A key component was to build capacity around tracking outcomes -- to better equip Passages with empirical data that we have a positive impact on youth health (e.g. HIV/STI status), family relationships, and living and working status. Our facilitators see these positive impacts every week and the grant would expedite a capability to collect and share specific data points.

In June, Passages continued to provide services to youth each Wednesday evening in conjunction with partnering organizations in the metro such as the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project and Synergy Services Youth Resilency Center. Please continue to help us talk about our mission to your colleagues, friends, and family.

Have you signed up? Passages is continuing the campaign to sign-up 50 community members willing to donate $20/month. Visit www.kcpassages.org and use the Subscribe option to enable PayPal to manage the monthly contribution -- and thank you for your support!

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Passages -- Upcoming Events

Passages Wednesday Night 7/17 -- Our facilitators will make dinner, which has ranged from sushi made-from-scratch to taco night to pizza. Come meet our facilitators, bring friends and experience Passages!

Passages Wednesday Night 7/24 with the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project -- KCAVP will be onsite and Passages volunteers will cook up a great meal. Learn about healthy relationships, online dating safety, and other great discussion topics.

Passages Wednesday Night 7/31 KC CARE Clinic - Join the MGRA for a great dinner. Make new friends, access Passages numerous resources, hang out in the lounge, and maybe learn a bit about the rodeo.

Passages Wednesday Night 8/7 with Synergy Services -- Synergy Services brings pizza and presents relevant and timely content. Come have dinner and get engaged.

Passages Wednesday Night 8/14 -- Grinder's Pizza -- Open to youth 14-20, parents/guardians welcome. We will have an informal discussion group over dinner so come to Passages, make new friends and hangout in the lounge.

For more info about Passages visit:
www.kcpassages.org, or

What is Passages?

Passages is the Kansas City metro's only center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexed, and Ally youth (LGBTQIA) and is a 501c3 charitable organization. Operating now for 23 years, Passages offers a safe, hate-free, drug-free environment for ages 14-20 on Wednesday nights. Our volunteers are LGBT community members with diverse personal and professional backgrounds willing to share our experiences. Moreover, Passages has a wealth of unique resources, such as: our computer lab with filtered 'net access, an LGBT-focused library of books and current periodicals, health and clinic materials / referrals, access to partnering organizations to assist with at-risk situations (homelessness, hunger, abuse, etc.) -- resources not available in a traditional public-school classroom. We are operated exclusively by volunteers and supported by community donations.


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