August 2012

Passages -- Looking Back

Passages July -- What a great month, even if sizzling outside! Passages had a great opportunity to share our mission and sory with PFLAG on the 8th. Additionally, we had representatives from Synergy Services, the Kansas City Anti Violence Project, the Kansas City Free Health Clinic, and the Missouri Gay Rodeo Association onsite during the month providing great programming and/or meals in July. Passages is grateful for the support of these organizations that help us deliver our mission of a safe & hate-free space.

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Passages -- Some of Our Upcoming Events

Passages Wednesday Night 8/8 with Grinder's Pizza -- Checkout the amazing pizza donated by Grinder's Pizza -- free to youth ages 14-20. Haven't been to our Wednesday night? Come down, bring a few friends, and enjoy the free food!

Passages Wednesday Night 8/15 -- with the Kansas City Anti Violence Project (KCAVP) -- KCAVP provides great educational content to Passages youth on topics like dating safety, dating violence, LGBT history, and many other topics that are otherwise un-addressed in standard high school classroom instruction.

Passages Saturday Night 8/18 -- Passages' is here to be a safe and hate-free space for youth ages 14-20, every Saturday night. Free to enter and Photo ID required. The KC Free Health Clinic will be onsite to provide free health screening services.

Passages Wednesday Night 8/23 with MGRA -- Join the Missouri Gay Rodeo Association for a great free Wednesday night dinner. This is a chance to hang out with friends, learn a bit about the rodeo association, and utilize Passages' resources.

Passages Wednesday Night 8/29 -- Our amazing Passages volunteers help cook-up a great dinner for the youth the fifth Wednesday of the month. These volunteers are the mentors and glue that keep Passages operating and helping our youth become strong, proud members of the community.

For more info about Passages visit:, or

What is Passages?

Passages is the Kansas City metro's only youth center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexed, and Ally youth (LGBTQIA). Operating now for over 20 years, Passages offers a safe, hate-free, drug-free environment for youth aged 14-20 on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Our volunteers are LGBT community members with diverse personal and professional backgrounds willing to share our experiences. Moreover, Passages has a wealth of unique resources, such as: our computer lab with filtered 'net access, an LGBT-focused library of books and current periodicals, health and clinic materials / referrals, access to partnering organizations to assist with at-risk situations (homelessness, hunger, abuse, etc.). We are operated exclusively by volunteers and supported by community donations.


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