November 2013

Passages -- Looking Back

Passages October -- Have you read the story about our new brand? Our Board of Directors worked with Passages youth to whiteboard what Passages the word and the organization meant to them. We developed a brand that represents the safe, fun, and educational space that is important in their young lives. Even better, we look forward to introducing several new board members in the upcoming month so stay tuned. Lastly, our programming lead and Board member has polled a great list of ideas from the youth on topics they want to hear about -- anything from budgeting basics, to decorating on a dime, to eating healthy, to health relationships. We look forward to continuing our momentum and always appreciate when you help tell Passages' story to friends and colleagues.

Have you signed up? Passages is continuing the campaign to sign-up 50 community members willing to donate $20/month. Visit and use the Subscribe option to enable PayPal to manage the monthly contribution -- and thank you for your support!

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Board Members
Jason Webb - Accenture, Board Chair
Bob Bair - Sprint
Carl Bennum - Deloitte
Jason Boman - SquaredJ Creative
Don Carrel - author, My Dream to Trample AIDS
Amanda Green - Cerner
Sara Wood - People's Bank

Passages -- Upcoming Events

Passages Wednesday Night 11/13 with the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project -- KCAVP will be onsite and Passages volunteers will cook up a great meal. Learn about healthy relationships, online dating safety, and other great discussion topics.

Passages Wednesday Night 11/20 - Join the Passages' volunteers for a great dinner. Make new friends, access Passages numerous resources, and hang out in the lounge.

Passages Wednesday Night 11/27 - Thanksgiving -- Join Passages' volunteers for a Thankgiving Eve feast. Bring your friends, enjoy the break from school, and join our informal discussion over a great meal!

Passages Wednesday Night 12/4 with Synergy Services -- Synergy Services brings pizza and presents relevant and timely content. Come have dinner and get engaged.

Passages Wednesday Night 12/11 -- Grinder's Pizza & Good Samaritan Project -- Open to youth 14-20, parents/guardians welcome. We will have an informal discussion group over dinner so come to Passages, make new friends and hangout in the lounge.Good Samaritan Project will be onsite with health information relevant to LGBT youth as well as an option for free testing services at Passages.

Country Hill Motors' Danny Zaslavsky Is Fearless
by Andrea Martin

"Don't be afraid."

That's the philosophy of Danny Zaslavsky, director of operations at Country Hill Motors. It isn't just a motivational phrase to him- that fearlessness is genetic. His family immigrated from Ukraine in 1979, and soon after, his father and Josh Buterin built the successful Country Hill Motors pre-owned vehicle franchise.

As a company, Country Hill Motors is pretty fearless, too. The used-car industry isn't known for encouraging modest purchases, but Country Hill has always worked to make sure people were purchasing cars they could afford-they're even endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey.

Zaslavsky has faced challenges, such as proving to employees twice his age that he "didn't just have a PHD - Papa Has a Dealership.' But eventually he worked his way up through the chain of command. He says, "[Fearlessness] is what brought everything together. If we were afraid of the next step, we never would have grown."

The full article can be found online at

More about Passages
Our Mission is to equip LGBT youth to become aware of and comfortable with their identities, knowledgeable of their health status and risks, and actively involved in the Kansas City community.
- We assist by partnering with community resource centers to lead discussions around coming out to help LGBT youth feel supported.
- We educate LGBT youth on dating safety, healthy relationships, and HIV and STI prevention, by providing materials not available in traditional classrooms.
- We encourage youth to remain healthy through periodic onsite STI screening and one-on-one risk assessments.
- We support LGBT youth by providing a safe, accepting, hate-free environment for them to express themselves.

Vision: A society where all youth feel safe regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression and are empowered to reach their full potential.


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