Our Vision


Looking into the future, how do we see Passages'' changing? And, most importantly, where can you help?

There are several key imperatives looking into the next 12 and 24 months:

  • Add 5-7 Board Members -- Passages'' prides itself on being a community organization with local Board Members, professionals from the Kansas City metro. Having a local board, coupled with local volunteers, allows us to uniquely serve the needs of our community. Are you an executive at a local law firm, American Century, AMC, Hallmark, or others? Interested in becoming an active board member or know a good candidate? Email us for more info. Time commitment is approx. 1-2 hours per month for in-person board meeting for a one year term. Key responsibility is to guide Passages'' strategic direction.
  • Create and grow financial endowment -- As a community based donation-dependent organization, our vision is to initiate a more explicit capital campaign to secure our mission for years to come. We would like to find partner(s) to help plan, bring to fruition, and manage this campaign. We feel our mission remains of vital importance.
  • Grow funding, through grants, donations, or capital campaign, sufficiently to on-board our first formal staff member, an Executive Director -- Key responsibilities of the ED will be to focus on (a) grant writing and management, (b) operations of facilities and delivery of programming, (c) continued partnerships with other local organizations, (d) reporting to Board on mission delivery, grants, and other relevant matters.

While we realize the above is a substantial undertaking, this model has worked in other metro communities, such as Dallas where Texas Youth First delivers a very similar suite of services to the LGBTQIA youth community with a well-funded, Executive Director operated non-profit organization. It is this model to which we aspire, with your help.