reconnect with Passages.



the organization that helped you & so many others. 

KC Passages was a safe haven for many LGBTQ+ youth growing up and it continues to support youth. We hope KC Passages had a positive influence on your childhood and it gave you a positive support group. Being an LGBTQ+ individual wasn't always easy, many of our alumni endured a lot to gain acceptance. Your story matters to our youth.



connect with other alumni. 

We created a private Facebook group just for our alumni. KC Passages has a way of connecting others to create a larger support group. Even if you've lost touch it's never too late to reconnect to past Passagers. 




ways to give back

Everyone has a different way they can give back. For this reason, we offer alumni volunteer options along with traditional donation methods. The alumni of KC Passages hold so much potential to educate our youth and the community about their experiences.

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Volunteer Your Skills or Expertise

Do you have a unique talent, hobby or job skill? Or you have a story to tell? We're always looking for people to lead workshops on topics like health education, various job or life skills, and information on the ever changing LGBTQ culture in our society. 

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Become a role model for  Passages

Volunteer your time and become an advisor for Passages. Advisors assist with the weekly operations at Passages and serve as a role model to the youth. Lead group sessions on Wednesday evenings. Must be 24 years of age and older.

Become a donor or host a fundraiser

Don't have time to give? That's okay. You can still give back by becoming a monetary supporting donor. Hosting a fundraiser or donation drive to support our weekly group sessions and/or in-kind donation needs. In-kind donation needs can be found on our donation page.





Ready to be involved? Great! Just fill out the form, select your interest area and we'll reach back out to you.