advocate for acceptance.


power in numbers.

Social movements can be difficult to generate momentum to start effect change. To create change, we need supporters. An army of supporters. The LGBTQ+ movement has jumped leaps and bounds in the past few years. However, we can't stop until we have equality and acceptance for everyone. To achieve our goal, it will take time, patience and persistent education. Join us in the pursuit of our goals, become a part of our cause.



what is the goal of KC Passages?




this is me. together we are we.

This is about redefining a culture, educating others that gender and sexual orientation shouldn’t be dictated by biology. Challenging societal norms, because it shouldn’t decide who we become. Advocating for the freedom to express yourself, every version of yourself. To celebrate your individuality without sacrificing acceptance or inclusion. The ability to say “this is me” – regardless of my gender, orientation, race or class.

The world may change. Definitions may change. But together, we are Passages.




understand our perspective. take a walk in our shoes.


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what can I do to help?


Combat actions against LGBTQ+

First and foremost, you can help our cause by confronting or calling out homophobia, transphobia and biphobia when you see or hear it. It's best to use this opportunity to educate the individual why they should take another look at their perspectives or actions.  

Attend & Support a Passages Event 

Attend an event hosted by Passages. For example, our Showcase which is an annual talent showcase of the Passages youths’ talents. Being present and bringing friends to events is a great way to show support for our cause.

Read Our Stories, Like us on Social Media

Our blog is a great way to read stories from the youth at Passages, educate yourself on current issues affecting the LGBTQ community. Engage with us on social media to expand our reach and influence!







passionate?  take the next step of involvement.

If you're already advocating for the LGBTQ+ community we applaud you! Are you passionate about helping the LGBTQ community and want to give back in a more impactful way?  Great. Here's how. 

Volunteer as a Supporter or an Advisor

Support volunteers help with Passages events outside of the normal Wednesday night program,. For example, helping with donations or donation drives. Volunteer to be an advisor on Wednesday nights from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Once or twice a month, advisors help with the weekly operations setting up, mentoring youth and workshop facilitation.

Volunteer to Teach the Youth Your Skills

Lead and facilitate a workshop for the youth at KC Passages. One of our main pillars is to educate youth to prepare for their future. Volunteer your knowledge! Workshops cover topics such as job skills, life skills, health and LGBTQ culture.

Don't have the time? Donations are welcome!

If your life is busy, we get it. However, there are other options for you to support our cause! You can make a monetary donation or items on our 'wish' list!  





Contact Us

Contact KC Passages for questions or to lean more about our volunteer opportunities.