education is eye opening.


he? she? them? who? let us explain. 

Definitions continually change based on how the LGBTQ+ community evolves as a culture. It's always best to ask the individual how they identify. However, educating yourself on the different definitions below is a starting place. 


  • Pronouns are the words with which someone wants to be identified (he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, ze/zim/zir etc).
  • Lesbian  a woman who is attracted, emotionally and sexually, to other women
  • Gay - a man who is attracted, emotionally and sexually, to other men
  • Bisexual - a male or female who is attracted, emotionally and sexually, to males and females
  • Transgender - a person who identifies as a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth, they do not have to medically or surgically transition in order to identify as or be considered transgender 
  • Queer - a term used to define someone who identifies as not straight or not the sex they were assigned at birth. This used to be a derogatory term, but youth have reclaimed the word and made it positive. It is also used as a word to describe the community as a whole (instead of the Gay Community, youth are now calling it the Queer Community). Be careful using this word if you are not a part of the community as some people still believe it is derogatory. 
  • Questioning: A phase or period when an individual is exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
  • Asexual - someone who does not experience sexual attraction to anyone, male, female or any other gender
  • Intersex - someone who, at birth, is born with body parts, chromosomes or hormone levels that are both male and female 
  • Pansexual - someone, male or female, who is attracted, emotionally or sexually, to people of any and all genders (hearts not parts)
  • Biological Sex - the sex assigned to an individual at birth (male, female, intersex but is based on genitalia and hormone levels and does not always align with someone’s gender identity). 
  • Gender Expression - how someone expresses or shows their gender (clothing, mannerisms, hair styles, etc)
  • Genderfluid - Two Spirit - someone who flows between male and female in their gender expression and or gender identity (Two Spirit is used by members of the Native American Community)
  • Gender Identity - the gender someone identifies themselves as. 
  • Gender Non-Conforming - someone who expresses and or identifies their gender as outside of the societal roles for their assigned sex at birth (i.e. a man who dresses more feminine but who still identifies as a man)