educate beyond the curriculum


teach acceptance for a better world

American culture is depending more and more on educators to not only teach students standard math and science,  but moral values as well.  Educators have the potential to influence on a grand scale. At KC Passages, we ask teachers to look beyond the standard curriculum and partner with us to teach students the value of acceptance in a diverse, globalized world. 

the first step, educate yourself

To advocate for LGBTQ+ students, educate yourself on definitions and orientations. Remember – always ask your students which pronouns they prefer to use. 


one-on-one with students. 

Before the need arises, educate yourself on terms and LGBTQ+ youth organizations in your area that provide  resources to LGBTQ+ youth. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Confront your own biases

  • Don’t make assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Ask the youth what name and pronouns they would like to use

  • Mirror their language, identify them as they identify themselves

  • Affirm their identity, believe them and respect what they have told you

  • Teach about empathy, anti-bullying, acceptance and LGBTQ pride and history month

school wide efforts.

As much power as one teacher has, it takes an army to really fuel change. That means getting your administration and fellow teachers on board with the change. 

Here are a few strategies:

  • Confront homo/bi/transphobic remarks from students and other faculty

  • Post a visual market to let youth know you are a LGBTQ safe space

  • Access & host professional development to make your school more LGBTQ inclusive

  • Follow up on any and all harassment and bullying reports

  • Start a GSA - a teacher sponsored, student run organization


put yourself in their shoes

Read the experiences and feelings of LGBTQ+ youth as they go through this period in their lives. You never know what someone is going through until you put yourself in their shoes. 



lessons, workshops & professional development


For Your classroom

Kansas City Anti Violence Project has valuable resources where you can ask questions, request free trainings and link into other resources like KC Passages. Speak to to someone directly (816-561-2755).

One Time or Series of Lessons & Workshops

  • LGBTQ 101
  • Anti-bullying workshops and trainings
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Safe Sex and Consent

More Resources from our friends at GLSEN

for your school

The Kansas City Anti Violence Project can train and offer professional development (Title IX, LGBTQ 101 and technical assistance) and online resources from places like GLSEN for schools. 

Professional Development Topics

  • LGBTQ 101

  • Advocating for LGBTQ youth

  • Title IX technical assistance

  • Technical assistance with other organizational or school wide policies

  • Working with LGBTQ survivors of violence


curious? want to know more?

We offer an education center for parents, youth, educators, and the community. Here you'll find links to local and national organizations, definitions and more! 


benefits of Passages


Community Learning Opportunities

KC Passages provides LGBTQ+ youth the opportunity to connect with others in their community. These connections create an environment for affirmation and acceptance.  

Experienced help from Professionals

For over 20 years, e’ve helped Kansas City’s LGTBQ youth. We can utilize our experiences to help you, your students and their parents understand the journey ahead.

A safe & OPenn Education space

KC Passages offers a range of options for LGBTQ+ youth to learn and grow in an accepting, non-assuming environment. We offer weekly meetings for youth to meet and get to know their peers with similar backgrounds and journeys.






contact us

Have questions? Talk to a representative from Passages or Kansas City Anti Violence Project for all the information you need to know.