this is KC Passages.

KC Passages offers LGBTQ+ youth in the greater Kansas City area a place to become strong, proud members of the community by providing a safe, hate-free space for individuals to express themselves. In addition, KC Passages offers educational resources not found in traditional classroom settings, along with volunteer opportunities to help Kansas City youth become involved in the community.



this is me.

Regardless of your age, gender, or sexuality you have a place at KC Passages. We're a welcoming environment where you can just be you.  



we're here to share our story.

 We share our stories, because small pieces of each story may interconnect to another story. This connection brings us closer together in supporting each other.




we bet you have questions.

KC Passages has professionally trained staff to offer support and connect you with resources so that you can better understand and embrace your child for who they are.


power in numbers.

To create a community where all youth feel accepted and empowered to reach their potential, we need advocates to share our story and partners to contribute to the effort. Let’s work together to foster change in the Kansas City community!

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Give back to the organization that gave you so much during your youth. Stay involved with KC Passages or reconnect with the community.

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We can connect you to helpful resources and offer additional support to you and the LGTBQ+ students you work with.

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Be a champion for KC Passages by volunteering your time and/or resources to help us grow & develop LGTBQ+ youth into future leaders.


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Join us.


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