FRESHMAN ORIENTATION..Class is in Session LGBTQ+ Mini Ball
7:00 PM19:00

FRESHMAN ORIENTATION..Class is in Session LGBTQ+ Mini Ball

Categories are as follows:

New Vogue- in a white shirt, show us you have what it takes to be a vogue femme diva.

New European Runway - In sunglasses

New All American Runway - With a bandanna

New Female Figure Runway - With a nice pump to tear the floor up, bring me attitude!!!!

Face- nose, skin, eyes, teeth, structure are the elements, present yourself in something white.

OTA Performance - you aren't new, but also no legend, bring it masked and reveal yourself after your 10s

Schoolboy Realness - with a youthful look. Bring a book bag to match

Prettyboy Realness - in a collar shirt

Thug Realness - bring that attitude!!

Drags Realness - presentation is the key

FQ Realness - don't ever forget your purse

Aggressive Realness - In street wear

Sneaker vs sneaker - you can't have a nice sneaker on with a tired outfit! Come correct

OTA Body - in swimwear, tastefully done

OTA Sex Siren - selling it with clothes on, make us use our imagination

OTA Runway - in an effect of your choice... show the newbies how it's done!

J-Sett - teams of two in matching attire

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