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"Passages helped me be confident in the world as a LGBTQ member and brought me more support and love than anything else."

LGBTQ+ share their personal stories, their struggles & their victories.


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KC Passages has your back no matter where you are in exploring your identities in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. At Passages, we'll be there for you through your highs and lows, empowering who you are every step of the way.

Become a Part of a group.

Being a teenager can be really hard. With social stigmas and pressure from your peers...it's overwhelming. At KC Passages you can connect with others your age that have similar identities and are going through similar experiences.

Stay uniquely you.  

Having a group of friends who understand you is priceless. Because you're uniquely awesome and you should be proud of who you are. Passages is a place to celebrate everything that make you, you. Proudly say,  'this is me'. 


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Want to know more information? Great! Browse our list of helpful definitions centered around LGBTQ+ related topics.  


Are you looking for specific help? Perhaps you just need to speak to someone who can just reassure you understand what you're going through. KC Passages can connect you with the right person or to topics you may be interested in. Of course we're always happy to answer any questions you may have as a young person in the LGBTQ+ community.